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What Guests Are Saying

After having a massage by Nancy at Emerald House Massage, I have no plans to go anywhere else! I’ve had many massages over the years and have never experienced anyone who uses the techniques she does. It’s like she connects to my soul! Amazing!!

She not only gives a unique massage, she listens to your needs and about your problem areas and takes time to suggest many things you can do at home even to help you between massages. She truly cares about you whole experience and making your life better.

I have some health issues and hold a lot of stress on my body as well. After my massages with Nancy, my body feels amazing, my mobility is better, the inflammation in my legs, feet, and ankles are so much better, and I sleep so much better after I’ve had a massage. It is amazing! Well worth the money and your time.

Nancy is so friendly and caring; she makes you feel like family. Very comfortable and spotless clean environment. Your time with her is quality time. I highly recommend a massage with Nancy. 🙂

-Patty RM

One of the things that I struggle with when getting professional massages is that nobody ever seems to pay attention to my hands or feet. However, the massages that I have had at Emerald house have always addressed the very specific areas of the hands and feet that interact with other parts of my body causing aches and pains. This helps me be more focused and have much better clarity for several days after.

Travis S.

Nancy is by far the most talented masseuse I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I often have issues either with my back or neck and she always pin points the area and is relentless in providing me relief. She’s helped relieve migraines, tension, back pain, spasms, knots and sinuses!!! SHE. IS. THE. BEST.

Sarah C.

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